SHAGATTACK is a membership club whose purpose is to provide shag
dancing events for SHAGATTACK members and to serve as a supporting organization for the Beach Shaggers National Hall of Fame (sometimes called the Shaggers Hall of Fame or the Beach Shaggers Hall of Fame) and the Keepers of the Dance.  All three of these are different classes of memberships under the corporate "umbrella” of Beach Shaggers National Hall of Fame, a South Carolina nonprofit corporation which is a “tax exempt” membership organization under Section 501(c)(7) of the Internal
Revenue Code.

Membership in SHAGATTACK is on an annual, calendar- year basis and is open to Beach Shaggers National Hall of Fame members, Keepers of the Dance members and other people who want to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie of the other SHAGATTACK members as well as the shag dancing and excitement at the two annual events.  At the Spring weekend party, the newly elected members to the Beach Shaggers National Hall of Fame and the Keepers of the Dance are announced, and at the Fall weekend party, these new members are formally inducted into their respective organizations.

Both the Spring and Fall events allow plenty of time for socializing
(including meals) and dancing as described in the other sections of this website which include current information about the time and format of these parties. Also, you will find a SHAGATTACK membership application in a section on this website.  (The annual dues are the same for everyone except the Keepers of the Dance who receive a discount until age 50).

So if you like shag dancing, its music, and the atmosphere in which it is cultivated and enjoyed, you will like being a member of SHAGATTACK. We hope you will send in an application and join us in the fun and excitement this year.

Sam McIntosh, President

Copywrite © Beach Shaggers National Hall Of Fame 2015